Top 5 places to view Fall Foliage in Korea

Hooray! I can’t believe Autumn season is already on its way flying towards Korea in less than a month’s time!
Have you wonder which are the few locations you should pay a visit to in order have some good view or photo-taking session with those maple leaves?

Let’s check out my Top 5 favourite location destinations thens~~ (^o^)

Top 5 places(Not in order):

1) Mount. Seorak(설악산)

Since it’s Autumn season, why not give yourself a reason to head over to Mount Seorak for some tracking session!

I had my fair share back in the Spring but it was too cold(plus the tress were BOTAK!! 😦 )
Look!! The weather is sooo much better compare to Spring and Summer too!

2) Deoksugung sidewalk over @ Samcheong-dong
Ever since I was introduced to Samcheong-dong, I think this is a perfect place for photo-shooting for all seasons!
So much cafes located over this area, plus the environment feel around this area were great too!
(PS: It gets really crowded over there during weekends & PH! But the pop out stores made it worthy for you guys to pay a visit.)

3) Bugaksan Mountain (북악산)

Instead of travelling out of Seoul to hike, you can choose to head over to Bugaksan for a hiking session since it’s located right in Seoul.

Along the hiking trail, you will get to see tonnes pretty views. IF you managed to get to the peak, you will be greeted with great views of Seoul City and certain parts of North Korea too! 😀

4) Olympic Park (올림픽공원)

Another alternative park to pay a visit if you have limited time to head over Nami Island for nice Autumn shoots.

Pretty scenery, isn’t it?

5) Deoksugung Palace(덕수궁)

Famous for its elegant stone-wall road, 덕수궁 is located over in the most busiest downtown intersection in Seoul.This is the only palace that sits alongside a series of western style buildings that add to the uniqueness of the surrounding scenery as well.

(PS: The Autumn view in 덕수궁 was known to be the best compared to the other palace according to my korean friends. 🙂 )

Of course there are a list of recommended places by Visit Korea as well! (Click Here)
Do share with me which are your favourite places for Fall Foliage over on my Facebook Page as well~~~ ^^


More exciting posts coming up!

[PS: Photos credits back to original owner via photo link]



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