[Review] Korean Premium Grape Buffet @ Todai

I was delighted to be invited back to Todai few weeks back as they told me that they are going to bring back the King Crab and an additional new items for the month of October! πŸ˜€
/cough/ Tell me who doesn’t love buffet huh!
Plus at the same time, they are having a MEGA promotion(s) this October as well.

I will explain futher down my entry, thus its time for some makan session!
(More like an eye-fest for you readers! :P)

Hello King Crab!
We meet again! I miss you terribly though.. γ…‹ γ…‹ γ…‹ γ…‹ ~ ~

Fresh Raw Oyster
The management were very nice to offer us a huge platter of fresh oyster on our table!
(PS: Their oyster were pretty fresh and a friend of mine ate like a dozen of it when he brought his gf over to Todai for their anniversary previously!!)

The main highlight of the night: Korean Premium Grapes

No doubt, the size of the grapes were really HUGE!
I’m always skeptical on fruits like grapes and watermelon because of those annoying seeds in it.
But to my surprise, these grapes were not only huge and sweet, they are all SEEDLESS!!!
By the way, the chef told us that back in Korea, the proper way of eating these grapes were to suck the jelly flesh of the fruit(Koreans don’t eat the skin!) instead of popping the entire fruit into your

Look at the huge premium grapes! They were used to make desserts and it taste really yummy!
(There’s another Wine Jelly too! Forgotten to take a photo of it~~~)

Well, it was on a weekday night but the dinner crowd in Todai was pretty packed~

Let’s have a preview of the yummy treats available ONLY at night:

LA Galbi (Beef)
Nicely marinated and taste really good. I had like 3servings of it? =/
(That explains my size!!!)

Spicy Pork Belly
Another recommended item from the grilled portion. *Thumbs Up*

Something refreshing to munch on if you need some carbo. πŸ˜›

Soondae (μˆœλŒ€)
One of the favourites for the Koreans(but not Singaporeans!).
Soondae is a dish made from either cow/pig’s intestines, where various of items like glassnoodle, pork blood, barley,kimchi, soybean sprouts were stuffed with glutinous rice. It’s a common dish to much on while drinking.
(Tip: It taste BEST when you dip it with tteokbokki sauce! *nom nom*)

Beef soup
The broth looks clear, but taste pretty sweet with tonnes of raddish and beef cubes.

Did I mentioned that I SUPER DUPER LOVE the sushi counter over at Todai?
I’m always fancinated by their premium range of sushi done by the chefs!

Another favourite of mine: Mini Cheesecake
It’s good to be mini because it’s easy to pop and munch; but it’s soooo BAD for my tummy. πŸ˜›

No one could resist dessert, so do I~~
(Love that macaroons!)

Now, this is the catch..
In the moth of October, if YOU and your friends/colluage/family members decided to dine in Todai,
(just example okay)

Do remember to drop your receipt into this huge lucky draw box located near the entrance:

where you MIGHT be one of the LUCKY WINNER to walk about $2,000 Todai vouchers!

So, what are you waiting for? πŸ˜€

Todai Singapore
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
2 Bayfront Avenue
Singapore 018972
Tel: +65 6688 7771

Website: www.todaisingapore.com
Todai Facebook Page

PS: Photos w/o watermark credits back to Todai FB Page



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