Korea Sim Card launched in Singapore Changi Airport!

REJOICE Singaporeans! You’re totally blessed to have an additional way to stay connected with the SNS if you’re travelling to Korea!


Remember I blog about the wifi egg on my previous trip (click here)?
Right now, Mo Mobile have a collaboration with Olleh and launched their very first 1GB Sim-Card over in Singapore!

Why you SHOULD choose to get this Sim-Card over the Wifi Egg?
Hm..Not only you’ll be entitled to FREE incoming calls and messages, you got to access to Olleh WiFi zone


 (YES! You can connect to the olleh wifi sign(above) you get to see on subway/bus/cafes can be connected and used it FREE like the locals!!!)

– Standard Sim/ Micro Sim (SGD$38)
– Nano Sim (SGD$47)

**NO RESERVATION is needed (unless you’re ordering in bulk)

Polkie-bites for readers:

If you’re to purchase the Sim-Card now, you will get to have 2 complimentary items!

* Complimentary CashBee (Transportation) Card can be used on Public Transports(Bus & Subway)
* Complimentary Lotte World 10% discount coupon

Pali!! This promotion ends on 28th Feb’2015 !!!

Before I end the entry do take a a little note on this 2 pointers if you’re interested to get on hand on these sim-cards:
– Please note that this Sim-card can only last 25days!
– This SIM card is for foreigners only. (Not valid for Koreans)

Where to purchase it?
Changi Airport Terminal 2, Departure Hall,Row 10 (Entrance 5)
(It’s pretty near Starbucks Coffee, so you could spot it easily!)
Operation Time: 07:00- 22:00

Contact no.:(+65) 6764-6323
Email: mobile@new4u.com.sg
Website: http://sim.ktism.com
Facebook: M Moible Sim-Card

polkie’s view:
Well, I would love to try this new sim card on my upcoming trip!
Seems like 1GB is pretty alright for the usage of 25days! Best of it, I could use those FREE Olleh wifi on the subway! Why not? 😀



12 thoughts on “Korea Sim Card launched in Singapore Changi Airport!

    1. yyann

      Hi Michelle,

      Meanwhile, most sim-card only valid up till 1GB.. (sadly.. )=)
      But no worries, you can top up this sim-card in any G25 from 10,000k won onwards with cash though.

      Hope it helps! ^^



  1. WL

    Hi there 🙂 this is so helpful!

    How does this compare with EG SIM charges? Can voice calls be made on this Mo mobile SIM?

    Thanks so much! ^^


    1. yyann

      Hi WL,

      The chargers are about the same as EG SIM, but EG Sim doesnt comes with free incoming local calls.



  2. PY

    Hi, sorry if this is a silly question but is there any issue/ problem to use this Mo mobile sim card to hotspot other devices for data usage?

    Thanks 🙂


  3. Daphne

    Hi, can I check with you that do we need to do the sim card activation process ourselves or we can use the sim card directly? Thanks.


    1. yyann


      An english guide book will be given to you along with the sim card when you purchase it.

      Hope it helps! 🙂



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