Celebrate Chinese New Year with Korean Wine

 Makgeolli(also known as Makkoli or takju), often known as “Korean rice wine”, is the oldest alcoholic beverage in Korea. It is made from grains such as sweet rice, regular rice, barley, wheat and malt, which gives it a milky, off-white color, and sweetness. It is made by fermenting grains and mixed with water, and is about 6–8% alcohol by volume.

For those who follows K-Drama or read up on Korea Culture should know that Makgeolli is one of the favourite drink to go along in a gathering session, or pair it up with piping hot Pajeong (Seafood Pancake) on a raining day!

Much thanks to GeonBae for sending me their Top 3  Makgeolli which are featured on their website!

Sejong Premium Makgeolli

 Comparing this Makgeolli to the one who could get it off shelves from NTUC/Cold Storage, I prefer this version though.
The taste of Sejong Makgeolli is much sweeter and smoother, be it having it on the rock or blend it with fruits(Strawberries & Banana is a good combination!), it taste really yummy! 😀

Check out some of the nice fruit makgeolli recipes over here, here and here!


Jeju Hallabong Makgeolli

 Importing all the way from Jeju Island, this Jeju Hallabong Makgeolli makes a great gift and drink to have it with your family and friends!

My mum prefers this makgeolli compare to the usual ones and I find the taste pretty interesting! Taste like our Orange Yakult but in a less sugar format.
(Tips: As this makgeolli might not be very sweet for some of you, you can try mixing it with some 7-Up or Spirit to enhance the taste! ^^)

Last but not least,

Sejong Chestnut Makgeolli

Though I’m a nut allergy kid but hey! My dad totally loves the taste of this chestnut makgeolli!
To be honest, the smell of this chestnut makgeolli is really yummy.. If only I’m not a nut allergy kid, I guess I will love to try this as well. 😛

Right now, GeonBae is currently offering Jeju Hallabong Makgeolli at the price of $16.90(750ml) with limited stocks available for this upcoming Chinese New Year!

Do check out these makgeolli over at the shelves in
1- Isetan (both Scott Orchard & Westgate outlets)
2- MEIDI-YA (Liang Court)

If you prefer to have some home-delivery, do check out GeonBae Official Website!
(PS: If you order by Monday(16/02), your drinks will be delivered just in time for your CNY celebration!

GeonBae Official Website!
Facebook Page



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