Tribute to Singapore’s Founding Father – Mr. Lee Kuan Yew

I couldn’t help but to pen down an entry to commemorate and mourn for my country’s founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

As I lost both of my grandfather(s) even I was born, I’m always proud to joke with my

parents that MM Lee is my grandfather(Ah Kong), somebody whom I respected much and wanted to give a hug to if I ever have the chance to do so.

(photo credit: qtcoconut)
The Singapore Story: Memoirs of Lee Kuan Yew (1923-1965)

This book was introduced to me when I was 11years old and my principle highly recommended us to grab a copy of it.Back then, I detest English language a lot thus I bought the Chinese version of it; reading it twice, once alone while another with my mum.

I remembered clearly that one of the hardest decision which MM Lee had to deal with is to set up the ‘Bilingual Policy’ in the education path.
Like the chinese quote ‘活到来,学到老'(A man is never too old to learn),
he only started picking up the Chinese language and a dialect(Hokkien) in his 30s, as a role model himself, in order to communicate well with his people.

I used to curse on this policy because I detest speaking English back in my younger days. But I started to feel the importance of this language when I entered into secondary school.

Right now, I couldn’t help but be thankful for this policy because being bilingual(Eng & Chi) had not only beneficial for me in terms of my education in Tourism industry, as well as dealing projects with overseas clients.
(I’m pretty sure anyone would agree on this point because most of us benefited from it)

This video always cracks me up whenever I watched it, but we all got to agree that what he mentioned was true.
He never fails to amaze me with his replies, be it political issues or talks like this with students.
Thank you for giving everybody a chance to study, even for the ladies, with an equal respect even though you know that the birth-rate would go down hill.


But nevertheless, there will always be an end for everything.
It’s just a little pity that MM Lee couldn’t live till then to celebrate SG50 with us.

Thank you Sir, MM Lee, our beloved Ah Kong..
for giving your life to build Singapore, from nothing to the current successful country.

Dedicating 2006 NDP theme song for our dearest Ah Kong..

My home, Wherever I may be
I believe..
You will always be a part of me

Thank you.
You’re Singapore. (‘=

I’m proud to be a Singaporean, holding this little red passport whenever, where-ever I travel.

Thank you. 谢谢. Terima Kasih.

Rest in peace, Ah Kong.
Your legacy will continue, and we will work harder in order not to let you down.



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