Korean Cheese Spare Ribs arrives in Singapore!

You’re right cheese lover! The famous korean cheese spare ribs which was going crazy as a trend at the beginning of the year has finally launched in Singapore! 😀
 Located over at Goldhill Center(Novena MRT), it was actually a stone throw away from United Square Mall.

Nanta BBQ started its operation at the end of last year(2014), but I guess the location of the restaurant was a out of way since most of us would usually head towards either Town or Tanjong Pagar for our korean cravings.
 Pretty spacious for a restuarant and I love the clean and neat design too~

Different varieties of banchan were served (and refillable) and I love their sour age-kimchi as well~

 Dang~ something attracted my attention while I was helping myself to it.

I was told that these mineral stones would helped in purifying the water thus were served along with it. Pretty cool concept!

Chicken Salad
 We started off the meal with this ‘lohei’ look alike chicken salald. (LOL! We were joking that this could act as the korean version of lohei)
It was pretty refreshing and the portion could feed up to 2-3pax though. The boneless chicken taste good with the sauce and I guess I could finish the entire portion on my own(if it’s not meant for sharing!!). 😛

 For the grilled meat session of the day, we were glad to try their famous 3:
– Wagyu Short Ribs
– Korean Black Pork Belly
– Korean Pork Collar

Wagyu Short Ribs
The wagyu beef were tender and fresh beef, but I guess it could be better in terms of the melting in my mouth.

사장님(Boss) personally came out to cook the Korean Black Pork for us.
 We were told that the for pork loin and black pork belly meats were grilled to 80% cooked before moving to the table to cook again in order to reduce the smoke and grease smell.
Well, I think it does work pretty good because I went to class after the tasting without strong smell!

Korean Black Pork Belly (2cm cuts)
 Customer could choose between a 0.5mm or 2cm cuts for their pork belly. Personally, I prefer the 2cm cut version. (^^)

ㅋㅋㅋ…사장님 was shy to pose for a selca so I shall do alone.

Here comes the highlight for the day:
치즈등갈비 Set B (Cheese Spare Pork Rib Set B)
(Set includes: Cheese, Pork Ribs, Carbonara, Half-boil Egg, Boiled Potato, Creamy Corn)

 I flew to heaven for a moment when I took a bite on these cheese pork rib..literally!
But you have been warned that you got to be fast and feast on the ribs while it is hot before the cheese turn soggy~
I was caught again for having the 4th pieces..*cough..there goes my diet*

So…I bet my reader must be wonder where’s my soju? (HAHA!)
Here you go… Nanta BBQ do offers fruit soju and the ladies on my table decided to give kiwi soju a chance…
 It taste really good apparently and I guess it turned out to be the ladies favourite drink too.

Just when I was about to surrender.. 사장님 started rolling out 3 stew pot that were filled to the brim with ingrediants.

Tomato Buddaejjigae (chicken broth & milk)
 Taste as expected, it wasn’t spicy but a little milky taste instead. Great for those who prefer non-spicy stew on a rainy day though.
(Taste superb when you have it with a bowl of bap~)

Bullak Jeongol (Beef Bulgogi and Octopus)
 My all time-favourite stew as the soup base were usually much sweeter. I prefer chewy octopus and this pot of stew does suits my taste-bud. 😀

Wonjo Seafood Buddaejjigae (beef broth)
 The ladies on my table love the soup base, but I guess I was too full to finish the soup. The seafood were pretty fresh and I had an enjoyable time eating the crab.

떡볶이 (Cheese Tteokbokki)
 Being a fusion korean restuarant, Nanta BBQ couldn’t miss leaving this dish out of their menu as well. They even have Carbonara Tteokobokki style and even the traditional korean style of Tteokbokki with Soondae(pork blood sausage) as well.
To be honest, your truly taste-bud was slightly overwhelmed but the ladies on my table said it taste yummy.

It would definately be a favourite among the cheese and carbs lover(Like me!), thus I would love to give it a try on my next visit with my friends though. (Psss..my friends and I had made a reservation for our upcoming meeting! HA~)

After all, I do have a positive image and do recommend this fushion korean restuarant to you readers as well.
If you miss the taste of korean black pork, do give Nanta BBQ a try!
(I’m pretty sure most of us would miss it it you had made a trip down to Jeju Island!)
I’ll be heading back again to try something else on the menu too. 😛

Nanta BBQ do offers promotion deals at times thus do check them out on their Facebook Page!

Nanta BBQ
175 Thomson Road, #01-175/177 Goldhill Centre, Singapore 307624
Reservation Contact: 6258 1391

Operating Hours:
Mon-Sun: 11:30 – 15:00(Lunch)
Mon-Sun: 18:00 -23:00(Dinner)

Facebook Page

*Much thanks to Nanta BBQ for extending the invitation!



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