Bibigo 2015 Top Favourites Dishes Around The World

Talking about cravings, my mum was talking about dinning again at Bibigo a couple of weeks back because she missed their Kimchi soup,and I happened to received a media tasting invitation soon after! 😛

While it is pretty easy to locate Bibigo outlet as they were usually located in the heartland mall, it was a pity that the outlet over at Nex mall had been shut down recently though. But rest assure, I heard something special is coming along the way though. 🙂

Back to the food!
This time round, we were introduced to try on their the ‘Global Best’selection by the votes and high demand of orders from the country as well.

We started off with one of the ‘Global Best Appetizers’.
 Fried Mandu with vegetables in spicy sauce

Bite-size mandu served with stir fried celery mixed with spicy sauce taste something refreshing though. I can’t help but asked for a second serving with fried celery. I believed kids would love this dish as well.

 Spicy Rice Cake with Ramyeon
*Optional in adding Egg and Cheese

I know this is a common dish but Bibigo had only added it in recently into their menu though. The sauce can be a little spicy for those who have low spicy tolerance, but you can try adding a slice of cheese as it helps to soothed the burning sensation.

Something caught my eyes while it was served along with the ramyeonbokki though…

 Spicy Tomato Ramyeon

I was told that this Spicy Tomato Ramyeon was another new dish created not long ago. Craving for ramyeon but looking for a healthier choice? This might curb your cravings though.
The chef was telling us that these ramyeon was cooked in a low-sodium broth, while the mixture of tomatoes are rich in antioxidants which is good for the general heart health as well.

I got hooked on the broth though as it taste pretty good along with the rice.

<Best in Japan>
 Grilled Pork Belly

I guess I don’t need to introduce much on this dish huh? HAHA~

<Best in UK>
 Braised Mackerel in Spicy Sauce

I guess this dish marks the highlight of the session! Mackerel(known as Saba fish) could be one of the favourite dish from Singaporeans as well. I was surprised by the tender flesh of the mackerel and it taste really good. (I swear!)
We werer told that the mackerel was braised with radish and leek along with sweet and spicy sauce for sometime in order for the flesh to be well absorbed.

Oh! In case you doesn’t know, Mackerel is also rich in nutrients which could help to prevent heart disease, lowering the risk of diabetes and controlling the blood pressure levels as well.

This is how I eat my korean food.
A little of everything(including banchan) and eat it along with the pipping hot rice. Love the barley rice that was served along with the dish! Talking about healthier choice~

 A little of everything…Nom Nomm Nommm~

Well, I was asked to pick my favourite dish for the day and my choice would be …….
 Braised Mackerel!!

To be honest, I really really really love how the flesh of the Mackerel was cooked and the sauce was another highlight along with the radish. I guess this dish is big enough to be shared among two, so do try this if you get the chance to! ^^

PS: My mum is pestering me to bring them over for a meal for Father’s Day too! HAHAHA!
Do give this dish a try yo!


Outlets & Operating Hours:

Suntec City Mall Tower 3, #B1-­107
Daily: 11:00 – 22:00
Raffles City Shopping Centre, #B1-­74
Daily: 11:00 – 22:00

For advance reservations at any of the outlets, please call Bibigo Singapore at 6336 4745.

About Bibigo

Bibigo is a global Korean restaurant brand by CJ Foodville that aims to share modern Korean cuisine around the world. Bibigo has launched 22 stores worldwide; 9 in Korea, as well as 2 outlets in America, 2 outletsin the United Kingdom, 5 outlets in China, 1 outlet in Japan, 1 outlet in Indonesia, and 2 outlets in Singapore.

Bibigo opened its flagship outlet in Singapore in Raffles City in December 2010, followed by the latest outlet in Suntec City Mall in September 2013.

Its namesake combines “bi-bi-da”, which means “to mix in Korean, with English “to-go”, to represent the blend of convenience with Korean culinary tradition. Its bilingual and easy to pronounce name serves to engage food enthusiasts of all cultural and linguistic backgrounds with its healthy and fresh concept.

For more information, please visit or Bibigo’s Official Facebook Page.



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