Little updates~ :D

Hello people!

Its been quite sometime since I have a proper updates over here since I had graduated.
To be honest, I was contemplating if I should close down the blog and the page as I was busy with my personal life, business and also trying to keep up to date with what I love about Korea.

But after having a serious thought for sometime, I had finally decided to come back!
(I guess my love for Korea Culture is deep within me? πŸ˜‚)

I’m thankful for some of you readers sending me message and emails at times and keeping my blog hits on the go~
At the same time, I had decided to close down and shifted back here dueΒ to some maintenance problem.
But fred not! The blog will be revamp and up running soon and more exciting updates and treats to be given back to you guys!😘

Meanwhile, I’m paying a visit to the Korea Way in New York City!!
The environment feels so much as if one is back in Gangnam area!😍😍😍

Meanwhile, stay tune for more updates!😘

With β™₯,


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