[Interview] Get some Fasionable M.U.S.T travel tips from Irene Kim

Korean Fashion model, Irene Kim, was in town last week to shoot a new tvN travelogue programme, M.U.S.T (My Unexpected Sweet Trip) along with her fellow model Choi Min Ho.
I was lucky to have the chance to catch up with Irene where she spilled some beans regarding Fashion & Beauty tips, along with her wonderful journey while filming in Singapore.

What was Your most memorable experience in Singapore so far?

Irene: Everything’s been so memorable! We went to Gardens By The Bay and the Indoor Garden is just breathtaking. I thought that Singapore was like a concrete jungle and a busy financial hub, but there’s just so much greenery within the city, it’s so beautiful!

Apart from being amazed by the greenery scenes, Irene also mentioned about her trip to the hipster spot, Haji Lane (which she had posted on her Instagram as well).

Irene: It kind of reminds me of ‘Garosu-gil’ in Seoul, which is also a shopping district in Korea. The atmosphere within Haji Lane makes one feel really cosy and cute, and it looks like there are a lot of great restaurants and amazing fashion wear shops as well.


What do you like to wear usually wear on casual days?

Irene: I like to dress comfortably, just jeans and t-shirts along with sneakers or velvet boots. I tend to carry the same bag which people think I’m always dressed up, but the true fact is that I just simply love the bag/design. I prefer to keep things simple, and if I’m really into something, I’ll wear the same fashion piece 2-3 days in a row!

Do you notice any different fashion styles when travelling to different countries to film for M.U.S.T?

Irene: Women in general love fashion and beauty products. I got to admit that traveling had somewhat influenced my dress sense as well. I would tend to dress much more professional back in New York City or a little chic in Paris. But while I’m filming in Singapore and Bangkok for tvn’s (M.U.S.T), I tend to dress down to LA girl-style or summer-beach wear due to the hot weather.


What do you think will be upcoming trend next year?

Irene: I guess the 90s trend would stay put for a while. I think we can also expect to see a lot of velvet fashion designs too.

Do you have any travel hacks or tips to share?

Irene: I always pack something that is ready for different occasions, starting from the basics: a comfortable pair of sneakers, a pair of boots, jeans and a dress before adding other fun elements like accessories.
Regarding to skincare, I tend to pack a lot of sheet masks as it comes in handy to keep my dry skin hydrating.

What characteristics do you think a good travel companion should have?

Irene: He/She definitely have to love trying new food and outdoor activities! I’m somebody who’s very active and I like to do outdoor activities, love to experience the local culture and be like the locals! Because fashion, and selfies…cute outfits aren’t everything.
I tend to avoid the shopping districts because I really want to experience the culture even though I could get really tempted at times. (laughs)


Last question!
Many fans look up to you as a fashion icon. Any tips How one could dress up and be fashionable like you?

Irene: Try as many looks as you can. I’ve always been experimental.
Fashion’s about having fun and not taking it too seriously!
Start with basics like a good white shirt along with good pair of jeans or skinny jeans along with motorcycle jacket or a classic coat.
Apart from that, always remember to put on a good foundation helps too!


Remember to catach Irene on tvN M.U.S.T – Singapore, which will premiere on 3rd November 2016 at 1030PM (GMT+8) in 10 Asia-Pacific countries.
Singapore viewer can catch the travelogue via Starhub TV CH824 or Singtel TV CH518.

Much thanks to tvN for extending the event invitation. 🙂


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