GWKS 2016 (Introduction)

I’m thankful to be heading back to Korea once again on a tour trip!
Much thanks to Wow Korea Supporter for giving me a chance to be part of the Global Supporter team 😊

Say Hello to Lydia, another Singaporean heading over with me along this trip~

Just an introduction about Wow Korea Supporter Group:
Wow Korea Group is a sub-unit creation from Korea Tourism, recruiting influencers from both local and international supporters of Korean culture lovers who are interested in travelling around Korea like the local. Meanwhile, we are supposed to communicate and share our experience to the worldwide through SNS.

Glad to be part of the very first International team which consist of influencers from:
Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, India, Egypt, Turkey and Singapore 🙂

The motto of #wowkorea as stated on its coat

Say HI to our 2 manager:Sunny Manager 언니

 Max Manager 오빠
(You’ll probably see him a lot in my post because this guy is seriously love to photo-bomb)

This was what he said to me when I just met him:
I’ll pay for your trip if you follow me! ” 😂😂😂
 Say Hello to Rejesh (India) and Ece (Turkey) with a sleeping-prince Toan (Vietnam)

Riding over to Gimpo Airport for our flight to Busan. To be honest, it’s my first time flying to Busan as it has never came across my mind to do so since KTX was pretty convenient.

Wonder why did we choose flight over train?
 We were worried over zoombiess!
I’m kidding!

It was made known to us that flying from Gimpo to Busan takes only 40mins instead of 2.5hours(KTX train), thus we decided to give it a try in order to save more time exploring Busan.
I guess I might choose domestic flight for my future trip instead because it’s cheaper too! 😛

A hearty meal before our exploration starts!
Katsu Set with mini Udon (8,000kwon)

Im a happy girl after a good meal, so time to start our proper exploration!
Let’s go~



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