Global Wow Korea Supporter 2016 – Day 1 (Busan→ Gamchon Cultural Village→ Jagalchi Market→ The Bay 101 더베이101 )

Busan (or Pusan) is the second largest city in South Korea located at the most southeastern peninsula of the country. Apart from being the country largest Sea-port, Busan is also known for the City that hosted mega events such as 2002 Asian Games, 2002 FIFA World Cup and the APEC 2005 Korea.

No doubt, this is one of the city where many Singaporeans love to plan into their itinerary for a short getaway for yummy seafood and pretty scenery to relax and to attend festivals events as well. (especially the yearly International Film Festival)

Here’s the list of places we will be covering in Busan:
1) Gamchong Culture Village
2) Jagalchi Fish Market
3) BIFF(Busan International Film Festival
4) The Bay 101 (Night view landscape)

Gamchong Culture Village

During the Korean war period, Busan is the temporarily city during the Korean War where many Refugees fled to stay in. As they started to build tents and houses; and this is how Gamchon Culture Village was being created! As this little village consists lots of heats suffering history of The Korean War and the territorial features, the hillside roads which holds significant cultural values, the residents decided to transform the design of their house-building in order to retain it’s uniqueness of the town. 🙂

Originally name as Taegukdo Village. Taegukdo is originally a religious community, or to be exact, a religion that was regarded as obscene during the political turmoil back in 1990s. Their members believe in the philosophy of Yin and Yang, and how the principle rules the universe. The Taeguk symbol has been one important factor in the Korean history — You can even see the symbol on the South Korean Flag today.
(credit: pheurontay)

 You can pay a 2,000won to get a 30mins English Speaking Tour to know more history about Gamchong Village! At the mini house museum, you can get your ‘stamp-chop’ on your booklet as a souvenir as well~

Some people might think the design of the stairs looks unique from Oknyeobong to the foot of Mr. Cheonmasan Stand.
 Global Wow Korea Supporters
 HEllO, Clarrise from Philippine ~

 HEllO, Nat from Thailand~

Love the view and environment of this area. I guess the vibrant feeling of this town might be part of the reason in attracting many movies/ TV drama set to add this scene into their production as well. Do pay a visit to this place if you’re heading to Busan!

Hopping on the bus, we arrive at our next destination which was about 10mins ride away.

Jagalchi Fish Market
Located on the shoreside road in Busan’s Jung-gu, nobody would give this place a MISS if you’re in Busan! This place allows you to purchase freshest seafood and to be consumed immediately as well.
 This is an open market where the locals love to visit in the morning. I have no idea how it works, maybe I should give it a try on my next visit to Korea?

Most of the seller/dealer are women, thus they are called the ‘Jagalchi Ajumma’
(sound like the BOSS of the place :D)

 Too much seafood range to be named in this market. Mackerel, sea squirts, snow crabs and even whale meat.

You can hop onto the Busan City Tour Bus(Loop) and tour around Busan if you’re travelling as a FIT traveller! (15,000k won/ticket)


Busan International Film Festival Square(BIFF)
Across the street from Jagalchi Fish Market is the Busan International Film Festival Square(BIFF). This street is popular after a major renovation in August 14, 1996.
Every year after the Busan International Film Festival which is held in Haeundae-gu, both locals and foreigners would gather at this square to reminiscence the memorable scenes of this city.
 The well-known street food in Busan are 튀김(twigim) – fried food and 오뎅(Odeng)- fish cake.
 The girls were too hungry and had a bite first without me!

Dinner was slightly different as we were having a Korean fusion buffet. Something great for me because I need my vegetables! haha~
 The food here were great. I guess I need to source the name of the place and come back again. 😛
 Hello Clarisse & Max

While chatting, I was curious about the next venue which we will be heading over to as Max was telling us it’s going to be very romantic and favourite spot for many couples.

The Bay 101 (더베이101)
Busan The Bay 101 is a location which offers culture and art complex over in the Haeundae area. The main attractions for this location would be the beautiful night landscape though soft spot for such scenery in a cooling weather~ ❤
 Indeed, we  seen many couples taking couple shoots over here.

So Nat suggested me to do a nice solo shot?
 I guess I was way too tired to pose. HAHA~

Highly recommend you guys to head over to The Bay 101 for some quiet time with your love ones, sitting beside the sea with a pint of beer and enjoy the moments together! 😉

Time to have a break in order for me to recharge for Day 2 !
Stay tune! 😀



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