2016 Wow Korea Supporter Day 2 (Part 1) – Geoje Island hop (Haegeumgang River/Oedo Botania)

Known as the second largest island in Korea, Geoje city is located just off the coast of Busan, with a bus ride of 1.5hours(+/-) away.
 Apart from being the home of Korea major shipyards such as Daewoo and Samsung, Geoje city is made up of a number of islands and has been favoured travel destination by the local for its beautiful attractions.
(The locals love to trek/spending time at the beach area during the summer/Sunrise on the Lunar New Year)I had always wanted to travel Geoje-do (거제도) for some trekking. Maybe my next trip? 😀

As the itinerary for the day is to have an Island hopping cruise ride, we decided to have an early lunch before the tour starts!
Sing Sing Gye Jang (싱싱게장)
Apparently this place is popular among the locals and had been featured on KBS before as well~

간장게장(Soy Sauce) & 양념게장 (Spicy Chilli crab) 간장게장 is ❤❤❤ ~

Many people I know dislike the taste of 간장게장 due to the raw taste, but I guess it all depends on individual.
The owner told us that the freshness of the crabs does make a difference in the taste of the dish as well.

This is Toan from Vietnam, who demonstrate how to eat 간장게장 like a korean!

Koreans prefer female crab as they are much/ bigger in size !!
Time for the cruise ride after filling up our tummy.
Geoje Haegeumgang Island (거제도 해금강)
The original name of the island is named as “Galgotdo” due to the shaped of the cliff that looks like the spreading roots of arrowroot.
In the recent years, it has been re-named and known as Haegeumgang River/Geumgang River. (meaning Sea Diamond of the South Sea)
As the guide explained on further, the view of the rock from the ship tour is really beautiful due to the art work such as the Maitreya Rock, which reflects on Eunjin Maitreya, Candlestick Rock and the 1,300 year old guardian pine tree of Haegeumgang River.
(PS: Please note that the tour is only available in Korean)
 The view was great, but the wind is irritating. Ha~
 Hello Seagull~
Apparently they are chasing after us for a long while but sadly none of us have any food for them

Not long after, we finally arrived over at Oedo-Botania
Oedo-Botania (외도 보타니아)
Oedo-Botania was the very first island that was owned and developed into an exquisite private garden by an individual.

 The couple Lee Changho and Choi Hosook first discovered this island while Mr Lee was trying to escape from wind and waves while fishing. Mesmerized by the view, the couple decided to purchase the island and cultivated it into a European style botanical garden.
 Hello Santa! 😀
(Psss. I heard that the view of the garden changes every season! :O)
 such a beautiful stairs scene.
 The main Garden: Venus Garden.
(You’re right. This is part of the main scene back in drama – Winter Sonata 겨울연가)

 The view of the garden makes me feel like I’m the bunny in Alice in Wonderland.
 Panoramic view of the observatory deck for the view of Southern Sea.
There’s even a mini gallery about the couple and the transformation history about Oedo-botania.
Ending the post with a groupie shot
 The view(s) within Oedobotania is significant and I strongly believed one should head over there at least once.
Just in case you ain’t familiar with korean language, I managed to source out some sites where you can purchase or make a trip down without much hassle. 🙂

Stay tune to part II~


Sing Sing Gye Jang (싱싱게장)
경상남도 거제시 장승포로 10 (장승포동)
Operating Hours: 09:00 – 21:00
Contact No: +82-55-681-5513

Oedobotania 외도 보타니아-해상관광농원
17, Oedo-gil, Irun-myeon, Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
경상남도 거제시 일운면 외도길 17
Operating Hours: Winter Season 08:30-17:00 // Summer Season 08:00-19:00
Contact No: +82-55-681-4541

More information:
KBS Global // Waegook Travel // Geoje Tour


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