Global Wow Korea Supporter 2016 – Day 2 (2) Dongpirang Mural Village (동피랑마을) in Tongyeong City (통영시)

45minutes bus ride away from Geoje got us landed to another beautiful coastal port city, Tongyeong (통영시), in Gyeongsangnam-do.
It is often locally compared to the beautiful Italian port city of Naples where the sea is notably pristine and clear.
(the locals usually plan a 2D1N/3D2N trip to Busan-Geoje-Tongyeong as a short getaway!)

One of the main highlights in Tongyeong would be Dongpirang Village (동피랑마을) which filled up with murals wall paintings.
(Super Junior Kyuhyun recommended this place in “Experience Korea with Super Junior” for the tourists to visit too!)
No doubt, it’s a great place for anyone to have nice shots for your instagram though.
Errrrrr. Like this? *laughs*Our pretty guide explaining the history of Dongpirang Village.

In the past, this place was known as “Eastern Palisades” by the Japanese during the World War between Korea and Japan.
 In early 2006, this village was on the verge of being destroyed due to redevelopment plans by the government in plans of transforming this village into a park. The locals were forced to leave their houses with little compensation but many protested.
 In November 2006, one of the local organizations( TYagenda 21) decided to start a campaign by transforming the shantytowns into , by gathering students from Art school & individual artists to decorate the old walls, fences, stairs, chimneys and even water tanks with various paintings.
 (PS: The art pieces changes every 2years and we were lucky! The latest designs were done in Oct-Nov 2016)
The highest pavilion (one of the few) left since Joseon dynasty where you can have a great view of Gangguan Port & Tongyeong city.

groupie shot! 😀
 Even The Little Prince appeared! 😀
A nice shot taken by Clarisse.
Thanks for being my model, Ling~
A shot with our lovely guide. Love the way how she had illustrated the history of this beautiful place. One could feel the passion with her sharing. 🙂

 Don’t miss the chance of eating Kkulbbang (꿀빵) if you happened to be in Tongyeong as well!
Kkulbbang (꿀빵)
One of the speciality snack in Tongyeong.
It taste like soft chewy donut filled with either red beans/sweet paste coated with syrup.

 It taste really good with a cup of hot lattee~ 😀
 While waiting for our drinks, we had another groupie shot and great chatty sessions~

Since Tongyeong is located near the port, no doubt we should have seafood for dinner!
Seafood Stew (해물뚝배기) was our main menu for the night~

Remember the motto of #wowkorea ?
 of course we need to bond like how the koreans does as well.
 Our bus ahjussi decided to blend the local style of Somaek 소맥 (Soju + Beer) for us.
Talk about drinks.😁😁😁
It’s really fun interacting with 10 people filled with different background and culture; which no doubt we had another round back in our rooms~

Dongpirang Village 동피랑마을
Dongho-dong, Tongyeong-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
경상남도 통영시 동피랑길 100 (태평동)

More information:
Tongyeong City // Tongyeong & Geoje (Visit Korea)


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