Global Wow Korea Supporter 2016 Day 3 (1) – A visit to 2012 Yeosu Expo Hall in 2016

Famous for its beautiful beaches and marinas, it is no doubt that Yeosu was being picked as host city for the 2012 World Expo. I couldn’t hold my excitement when I got to know that Yeosu was part of the plan itinerary for us simply because of the bittersweet moments I had with it:
1) I had full of regrets for not making a trip down to the Expo exhibitions back in 2012
2) Yeosu was being picked as part of my Thesis writeup for my assignment papers back in University days

We were warned that the weather would be super cold due to the wind, thus all of us decided to get something warm for the day over at Yeosu Sky Tower & Cafe first.
With a height of 73metres tall, Yeosu SKy Tower cafe offers a panoramic floor to ceiling windows, where one could grab an unparalleled view of the Expo grounds, Odongdo Island and lovely ocean.

고구마라떼 is ❤❤❤ ㅋㅋ
Time to brave through the cold wind and pay a visit to the 2012 Yeosu Expo Hall
Entrance of the 2012 Yeosu Expo Memorial Hall
The ladies and the mascot for Expo. (Yeoni(여니) and Suni(수니))

Poor Toan hiding behind the board because the wind is way too strong.
Happy Family + GWKS
This was how the walkway ceiling looks like during the expo period.

Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea Memorial Hall serves as part of the remembrance on the World Expo exhibits which promotes on the eco-marine life & Suatainable Development of the Ocean and Coast.

We were greeted by a model-size of Expo blueprint

Since the theme for 2012 Expo was talking about “The Living Ocean and Coast” and “Preservation and Sustainable Development of the Ocean and Coast”, the community actually created events as such story-telling tours or creative activities(back then) addressing current global issues like climate change and the protection of the ocean, which serves as a reminder to the public where one could learn ways to protect our environment during the expo exhibition.
If you had attended the Expo exhibition, I’m sure you might have gotten yourself this cute little ‘passport’ and got yourself ‘Stamp-ed’ from the individual national pavilions while enjoying the exhibitions. (there were a total of 104 countries stamps!)

Singapore Stamp! 😀
Cute drawings from the young students within Korea during the event itself.

Ending the Tour with the Big O water-show performance.

One of the main Highlight performances (or rather “must-watch”) in Yeosu Expo 2012 would be the Big O watershow.
The entire 15minutes show was played through an animated video with igniting explosive fires, spraying seawater, and shining lights of different colors at many directions being controlled by this gigantic donut-shaped machine.

Lunch was exciting because we are going to have 전복 야채불고기 over at one of the popular old cookhouse!😋😋😋

(address below)

미안해 abalone~ I love you but I still got to apologize in eating you.
 반찬 Banchan(s)
 The speciality Banchan available in Yeosu would be the Gotkimchi as it’s a type of mustard leaf that grows only in Yeosu.
You have been WARNED! The taste of Gotkimchi has a strong pungent taste like wasabi-spice alike.
 Happy Ece with fresh ❤ prawns~ 😀

Time to explore further within Yeosu!
Stay tune~


2012 International Yeosu Expo Memorial Hall
1, Bangnamhoe-gil, Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do (5mins walk from Yeosu EXPO Station)
Contact no.: +82-61-659-2072 (Korean, English, Chinese)
Website(Korean only)
Price: 3,000won (Adults) // 2,000won (Children)

208 Isunsingwangjang-ro, Dongmun-dong, Yeosu, Jeollanam-do, South Korea
Contact no: +82 61-663-5982
Operating Hours: 10:30 – 21:30
Price: 20,000won (100g)/ pot


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