Global Wow Korea Supporter 2016 Day 3 (2) – Odongdo Island (오동도), break-away from the bustling cities

Odongdo Island (오동도) is one of the most representative tourist attraction located at the East coast of Yeosu, which is now a walkable distance over the breakwater which connects from Yeosu World Expo Park to the island itself.
 Alternatively, you can either take the Camellia Train OR a ride on the ferry or motorboat to enjoy the natural beauty of the ocean and the coastal scenery of Odongdo Island.
(PS: The ferry will only operates when the seats filled up to 20pax!)

 Of course, we decided to walk through the breakwater(750m) in order to enjoy some spectacular views and chit-chat session with one another.

The girls(Debby & Nat) were well-prepared to fight against the strong wind with their cute mask! 😀
(The strong wind is really not a joke to play with as it dries up our skin instantly!
Most of us suffered skin-peeling session that night!)

MVL Hotel (MVL stands for Most Valuable Life) was built for accommodating the VIPs/visitors during the Yeosu EXPO.
Apart from the great services, they were well-known in offering beautiful views of the port city from all the rooms~
 We were told that Odongdo Island has more than 190 rare species of trees and unique cliffs with amazing views of the ocean. There are a total of 4 hiking paths for you to choose as well.
 Apparently we were on our way to ‘The Legend of Dragon Cave“, where the Koreans believed the dragons once stayed in. =/
 I tried my best as I thought I could fight against the cold wind, which I failed badly in the end (LOL!)  I decided to join the ladies instead of the guys.
Our expressions explains it. The wind is crazy~
 Little maknae trying to brave through the wind~
 groupie shots 🙂

Another path
 4mighty decided to brave through the wind for a quick shot while the others waited for us. 😛
 Another attraction favoured by the locals would be the Camellia Flower Festival which occurs from the end of February to March.
(credit: kidsfuninseoul)
As the whole island is dotted with camellia trees, it is known that the entire island would look like a camellia forest.
Next trip, maybe?
 Slow walk up to the highest peak of the island – Odongdo Lighthouse Tower

Apparently we were suppose to hitch a ride on the Yeosu Maritime Cable Car for this awesome view of sunset + night view of Yeosu; but seems like luck isn’t on our side thus we got to change our plan. 😦

But here’s a view of what I found on the net~
(credit link on photo)

Will I be back? Definitely Yes!
I’m pretty amazed by what this tiny island could offer, ‘am just a little disappointed due to the weather. As we didn’t get a chance to pay a visit to the Music Fountain and the park (where the turtle ship that commemorates admiral Yi Sun-sin), I would love to head back there again!
(Oh yeah! My dragon cave too~)

Odongdo Island, 날 기다려~
I will be back! 🙂


Odongdo Island (오동도)
242, Odongdo-ro, Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do
Directions: Across from Yeosu Intercity Bus Terminal, take Bus 333 to Odongdo Island (오동도). Or, from Yeosu Expo Station, take Bus 2 or 333 to Odongdo Island (오동도).

Camellia Train
Operating hours: 09:30-16:50 (20 minute intervals, schedule subject to change based on weather and season)
Fare (one-way): Adults 800 won / Teenagers 600 won / Children 500 won

Yeosu Maritime Cable Car (여수 해상케이블카)
3600-1, Dolsan-ro, Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do
전라남도 여수시 돌산읍 돌산로 3600-1 (돌산읍)

Contact no.: +82-61-664-7301
Operating Hours:
Weekdays & Sunday 09:00-22:00
Saturday 09:00-23:00

Admission Fees:
[Crystal Cabin]
Adults: 20,000 won // Children: 15,000 won (Round-trip)

[Standard Cabin]
– Adults: 13,000 won // Children 9,000 won (Round-trip)


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