Korea Unlimited WIFI Data Simcard Available in Singapore !

Ever since smart phone has been invented, my mom has been calling me a ‘phone slave’ simply because I’m always on my phone.
(This is part of the reason why I need tonnes of Data especially when I travel~~ 😀)

Glad to give this new Unlimited Data sim-card a try during my #WOWKOREA trip back in December!

Always love the simple design packing of these data card that’s available from MobileU

Your eyes ain’t playing tricks on you. I DID mentioned UNLIMITED ! ! ! !
I had a great time streaming and downloading all my stuffs from Naver & Melon since the data was unlimited. ㅋㅋㅋ

I had the same reaction back then as well.
Love the convenience and thankful to be able that these Data provider items on hand even before I got myself landed into kimchi-land~
(Those who travelled to Korea way before 2013 should know how much hassle we got to get through in order to get those Data!!!)
Connections were great even when we were travelling to some outskirt venue like Suncheon Drama Open Film set (entry will be coming up very soon~) ! ! ! !
There are many times  I even open up my phone Tethering data service to share with some of them and it works perfectly fine and good too.
Clear instructions were provided for you to amend on the phone settings once you insert the sim-card into your phone as well.

Apparently this is the pricing I saw on their website:

Alternatively, you can do your bookings of these Unlimited Data sim-card or WIFI egg rental (read my past entry here) through their website as well:
Mobile U Website
Mobile U Facebook Page

PS (updated on 12th Jan’17)
Looks like there is a promotion going on for 5Days Unlimited Data Sim, which is available at $32 instead of $35~~

Hope it helps and have fun with the unlimited data in Korea! 😀



2 thoughts on “Korea Unlimited WIFI Data Simcard Available in Singapore !

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