Global Wow Korea Supporter 2016 Day 4 (2) – Suncheon Bay National Garden (순천만국가정원)

Suncheon is being known as one of the world’s top five coastal wetlands and the most well preserved coastal wetland in the world, there is no doubt that Suncheon get the chance to host the World Garden Expo back in 2013.
Due to great responses received during the event, the government decided to preserve this natural habitat and turn this place as the National Garden in 2014.

Even though it’s not my first time coming to Suncheon Bay but personally felt that it still looks pretty with the different season flowers.
Not forgetting that the companion plays a part too! 😀
 Our guide explained that the entire garden houses over 505 species of tress, 113 species of flowers. If you would like to stroll around the entire garden comfortably, it might take about 4-5hours.

Right smack in the middle of the entire garden, you’ll definitely not miss view of Bonghwa Hills.
This unique hill/mountain-look-alike design that was done by British horticulturist, Charles Jencks’ where he mentioned that “The Start and the End of the path will NEVER meet.”

Excited girls~ 가자!

There is an indoor garden too! (I didn’t notice this during my last time though.)

Meanwhile, there were some other themed gardens that were set up here by countries that were participating back in the 2013 Suncheon Bay Garden Expo.
The guide explained that there are a total of 11 outdoor gardens, represented by different countries for you to explore; such as the popular ones were from Thailand, French, Dutch, Netherlands and Turkey.

 Thailand Outdoor Garden.

Apparently we were in the winter season, thus these coconut trees were being wrapped up tightly as form of protection from the cold harsh wind.

Did I mentioned that this area is great place for photo shoot as well?
 Yeah! That’s wow-Korea manager & new idol wanna be. HA~
 MV shooting~

Not giving this place a miss to snap some nice group photo as well. 🙂
 For a moment, I thought these were purple cabbage. :X
I guess I was feeling hungry?
 A random shot taken by Toan, where he said this shot supposed to be Charlie Angels? (laughs)

If you have the time to spare, do head over to Suncheon Bay National Garden for a stroll. There’s even hanbok rental within the premises for you to rent and walk about to snap some good photos.
I would love to head back here again during Autumn if I have the chance too. 😉


Suncheon Bay National Garden (순천만국가정원)
47, Gukgajeongwon1ho-gil, Suncheon-si, Jeollanam-do
전라남도 순천시 국가정원1호길 47 (오천동)

Contact no.: +82-1577-2013
Operating Hours:
January-February & November-December: 08:30-18:00
March-April & October: 08:30-19:00
May-September: 08:30-20:00
*Last admission is one hour before closing.

Admission Fee:
3,000 won per person (Adults // Teenagers // Children )
2,000 won [Babies(ages 4-12) .. Seniors(ages 65 or above) .. People with disabilities(card holder only)]


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