[Review] Winter Jacket Rental with Seinustar @ Incheon Airport

While reading news on Naver during Nov’16, I came across this new service from the korean company, Seinustar, where they offer fashionable clothings  for tourists whom are travelling to Korea.

What makes the rental process at ease is where all you need to do was to click and ‘order’ the rental service, pick it up after your arrival in Incheon International Airport and return it back at the airport after your trip has ended.
(The process reminds me of the rental egg wifi services back in 2012. 😛 )

 Apparently Seinustar is like a one stop online rental-store where foreign travellers would be able to rent these fashionable clothing (especially Winter Wear, Jumper & Coat, Jacket, Top, Bottoms and Fashion Goods for those travellers living in the warm-weather countries) at a reasonable rate.

Sounds a little too good to be true, thus I decided to give it a try on my own while I travelled to Korea for the #WOWKOREATRIP

I admit I not somebody whose really fashionable (YET!) but I don’t really want to spend a bomb on winter wears and waste the tonnes of luggage space thus I decided to rent the service and try! 😛
I think the price is reasonable for 3 pieces (2 thick coats & 1 fur jacket) for 9 days. I don’t think I can get a really good quality & comfortable coat with this price.

Picking up my clothing at the 7am slot. (that’s the earliest slot!)
 Changed into the fur leather coat during the earlier days of the trip when the weather wasn’t that cold (yet)!
 **To be honest, I really like the leather coat. It’s really comfy~
Thanks Ling for being my model! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

I’m too lazy to alternate the coat daily and she needs a long coat badly during the trip due to the weather thus I just passed her the black coat and it fits nicely on her too!
 Thankful to rent this army raccoon jumper that kept me warm for the entire trip! ❤

Guess what! The other supporters get to try the service on the last few days too, thus we all decided to pose as model for a memorial shot. HAHA!

What make it better… They even have the brown coat where Ji Eun-tak, from the drama 도깨비 (Goblin) was wearing for rental too!
(click photo to go to page)

If only they have it when I was there~~ I might meet Goblin or GongYoo too?

I’m glad that I made the right choice to give this service a try.
I do like the idea of the company in getting extra miles & effort in providing the rental services of these fashion winter wear  to people (like me!) whom are staying countries without the winter seasons an option to travel light and hassle-free.

Here’s a quick reference for those who are interested in the rental service.
Right now, there’s a 50% discount code appearing on Seinustar homepage!

Don’t say I didn’t share a good deal with you people!
Till then~


Website // Facebook Page


5 thoughts on “[Review] Winter Jacket Rental with Seinustar @ Incheon Airport

  1. may oliveros

    The seinustar website seems to be down. Does anyone know if the rental service is still available on a walk-up basis? I will be in Seoul in a couple weeks, and I’m not sure if I should just bring a coat from home just in case.


    1. polkadotyyann

      Hi ,

      According to what I understand, they are currently giving free-rental service during the travel period from Feb-March due to the olympic.
      This might explain why the website is down as they are trying to update the news.

      You can drop them an email or a message via their Facebook Page!

      PS: There’s no on the spot rental service!

      Hope it help!



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