[REVIEW] SBCD Korean Tofu House – Healthy Choice of a Korean Meal

Great news for chaps who loves korean 순두부찌개(Tofu Stew) and working at the CBD district!
SBCD Korean Tofu House has finally set foot in Singapore with their first branch located right over at Tanjong Pagar Centre.(directly above Tanjong Pagar MRT station)

While we all know that BCD stands for Buk Chang Dong, the additional S in-front does meant for Singapore.
SBCD Korean Tofu House specializes in a variety of Korean soft tofu soup.
The Chef mentioned that in order to uphold the kitchen philosophy of serving uplifting and complete meals, every soontofu dish is created with soft and silken tofu which are hand-made freshly on a daily basis where the process of making start as early as 7am.!
(I guess that explains the price for the stew)

 The restaurant is spacious enough to hold private event within as well.

(Private room that holds up to 24pax)
Do drop a reservation if there is a need. 🙂

A quick menu for you guys.

Apart from the stew, you could mix & match some of the meat dishes such as L.A. Galbi, Spicy Grilled Chicken, and Spicy Baby Octopus, either as a main dish or to include them in the combo meal along with a soontofu soup of choice.

I’m was spoilt with the wide range of choices! HA~
(my mind was yelling for Oyster or Intestine, but my heart was yearning for the abalone)

As for the spice level, you could choose between 4 different levels
Mild, Medium, Spicy and Crazy Hot.

As we drop by the restaurant slightly before the dinner crowd, we were entitled a quick tour around the kitchen in order to understand the process of the food preparation.

 I was excited upon seeing these pots.

 누룽지탕 are being served right here in SBCD as well!

The manager told us that the kitchen could handle 52pots of 누룽지탕 rice at a time, where the cooking-timer set exactly at 15minutes 2seconds.

Hot Boiling 순두부 in process

 It’s a feast for the night! 😀

Seaweed/ Kimchi/ Pickles/ Spicy squid strips/ Fried Croaker Fish
(everything is refillable except for the fish)

I was pretty curious on why the whole fried croaker fish as a banchan and the answer was pretty simple.
CEO Ms Lee Hee Sook hopes to bring the sense of ‘home-cook meal’ to all diners who patronize into BCD, thus the fish was added as part of the banchan.

전복순두부/ Abalone Soondubu (SGD $29.90)

 I preferred to have my stew to be spicy thus I choose Level 3(Spicy) for the spiciness.
You can tell that they were pretty generous with the ingredients for an individual pot!

 For Vegetarians/Junior diners who do not wish to have any spice in their meals, this Sesame Soontofu soup would be an ideal option as well.

 Spicy Grilled Chicken (SGD $25.90)
It wasn’t as spicy as what I thought, taste much sweeter instead of spicy in fact.

 Spicy Baby Octopus (SGD $29.90)

 Love that sweet-spicy taste of the springy flesh~
(feeling hungry while working on this post!)

 LA galbi (SGD $35.90)

This was another highlight apart from our Tofu stew.
Most of us agree that the beef was well-marinated as it tasted really soft and juicy.

 A little of everything to start of with. 🙂

 I thought there were only 2 abalone in the pot. The 3rd little one surprised me as it was stuck at the bottom of the stew hidden under the tofu.

Richard, one of the waiter was explaining how to achieve 누룽지탕 (Nurungji), known as scorched rice soup below.

“In the past, Koreans were rather poor and in order not to waste any food, the grandparents would pour corn tea into the hot-pot, soaked it for about 15mins and 누룽지탕 was done to fill up their tummy.

My personal verdict:
People who knows me well, knows that I am extremely picky on any korean meal I patronized (YES! even my banchan!)
Thank god SBCD did not disappoint and I was pretty amazed with the taste of the grilled meat dishes they serves as well.
Even though the price of the meal might be a little un-favourable to our pocket, I’m pretty sure the taste of the 순두부 will win your heart no matter what. 😉
(because I’m already looking forward to have it again with my friends!)

SBCD Korean Tofu House
7 Wallich Street, Tanjong Pagar Centre, #B1-01/02
Operating Hours: 11:30-22:00 (Mon – Sun)
Seating: Public & Private Dining Area (can be arranged)
Contact no.: (+65) 6386-6441
Email: sbcdsingapore@gmail.com

Facebook // Instagram



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