Korea Accommodation: Rosa Apartment in Seoul

As there is a large increase number of FIT(Free Independent Travellers) travelling to Korea these few years, I bet many of you faced the same problem I had years back :
Looking for a Good Loft Apartment as an accommodation.

To be exact: A loft apartment in Seoul
In Singapore, it’s a rare sight for us to have a loft apartment design in our HDB, thus I’m pretty sure many of you would love to try staying in such accommodation whenever you get a chance!

Last year while I extended a few days for my trip, I had a chance to experience a loft apartment with Rosa! (It’s just a pity I didn’t get to meet her as she was away for a trip to Europe.)

To be honest, I had been following Rosa few years back on her facebook and instagram and heard quite a couple of good feedback from my friends whom stay in her apartment before; but I didn’t have a chance to try her apartment as the dates wasn’t favourable with my trip dates.
Thankfully this time, I get the chance to stay in!

In case you’re unsure of anything, Rosa had prepared a ‘Guide to Rosa Apartment File’ for you to browse through!

(Yes! She offered you directions to attractions, local food recommendation and also Cosmetic ID for cheaper rate in-case as well! That’s really very sweet and understanding as a Host!)

One of the problem many would faced (if you ever stay in a korean apartment) would be :
1) How to operate the household items (unless you can read hangul)
2) Managing your Trash

Fred not! Rosa had actually had these being printed out in the file for you to read and follow as well!

Heading up the loft

A super single + Queeen size bed on the loft
(Top view from the loft)

There’s a queen size bed on the first level.
The max. occupancy is 5pax, but I feel that a family of 5 or 6 fits nicely as well~
The mini kitchen where you could heat up a small meal
Wash some laundry before heading back? πŸ˜›

If you had followed me long enough should know that I’m pretty particular with washroom!
I’m pretty happy that the washroom is pretty simple and clean!
Simple house design and that’s the fridge on your right
(Note: There’s no TV in the house. But LTE Wifi is provided!)

Towel, Hair Dryer, Iron, multi-plug(s) are provided just like your mini-home in Seoul

Just a gentle reminder to treat the apartment just like your own house! 😊

I had a good 2nights stay over at Rosa apartment and had a mini exploration within Sookmyung Women University area!
There’s a lot of cafe and nice logo shops(especially for the ladies) to walk about!

Meanwhile, here’s a video introduction of Rosa apartment:

In case you are travelling as a family or a bunch of ladies, I would highly recommend you guys to give Rosa Apartment a try.
She’s proficient in English and fast in reply whenever you need help!

Rosa Apartment
Sookmyung Women University Exit 7 (3mins walk), 3 stations away from Myeongdong
Namyeong Station (5mins)

Look for Rosa on Kakao or Line ID: KoreaRosa
Facebook // Instagram


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