10/10 MDC Digital Marketing Day 2017 Seminar

For those who had been following me on my Social Media would have known that I’m running my own business; and constantly participating in workshops or self-improvements seminar regularly in-order to keep myself up to date.
I strongly believed that One should hold on the attitude where you’ll never be too OLD to learn anything!

Recently, I was invited to attend the MDC Digital Marketing Day 2017 seminar, which was organized by Management Development and Consultancy (MDC), the corporate training arm of Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS).
To be honest, I was thrilled to see topics such as Virtual Reality Solutions (VR) and Gamification being covered in the talk.
While the digital media world is striving forward into a new wave of trend, I guess these topics are pretty useful materials where peers (especially in the marketing industry) should keep yourself up to date on these insights.

The seminar started off with Andrew addressing an overview of the Digital Marketing Strategy for 2018, along with some light networking activities where the participants get to know one another better.

A quick photo with Andrew

I love how he tried to engage with the audience by sharing his experience and answering the doubts & enquiries many people who were facing with while using the social media account for their business.
(‘How to be seen and searched at the right places’)

Next up was Walter, whom covered the topic on ‘Choosing the Right Content and Channels
(I would highly recommended for those who are interested in venturing into E-commerce market yet you’re unsure in picking the right Social Channels that would work for your business/company)

Nic, the founder of 360VRAsia shared on the topic: “How to use Virtual Reality Solutions to create immersive marketing experiences?

(this is also the company that showcase 360 VR Video showcase for our SG50 Singapore National Day Parade too!)

Another speaker, Yeo Xi Wei, also explained on how Gamification has been getting popular among the recent marketing campaigns and practices within company as well.

Alvin Lim (from Alvinology) also shared his experience as a blogger with the topic “How to use blogging as an effective marketing tool

Glad to know some other bloggers through this seminar as well.

In case you do not know, MDC do provide a wide range of corporate training workshops which are eligible under the SkillsFuture Credit scheme as well!
(Yes! Time to put those $500 credit in good use)

For those keen to upgrade your skills set related to Digital Marketing, you can check out these workshops from Website
website or Management Development and Consultancy (MDCC) Facebook for more information!

If not, you are always welcome to email or ring them up for more enquiries as well.
Email: mail mdc@mdis.edu.sg
Contact: (+65) 6842 6666

Thank you MDC for the invitation for this seminar!
I really had a great time learning new insights.
I guess I might revisit MDC again soon once I had decided on the courses I would like to attend through SkillsFuture Credit~ 😉




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