Quick-Dine with Jinjja Chicken (Korean Fast Food)

Popular Korean Fast-Food chain (JINJJA Chicken) has recently opened its third outlet store in Singapore within the last 2 years.

To be honest, I wasn’t really too keen in fast-food these days due to a change on my eating habits(LOL!) but since my mates were craving for something korean-ish thus we decided to give this a try! (THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST)


(Menu from Website)
The price sounds reasonable for us to grab a few items for sharing.

김밥 (Gimbap)

Chicken Luncheon (Left) // Bulgogi Beef (Right)

I got to give credits on these huge gimbap!
It does fill up an average person for the price of the $8.90 (usually gimbap cost $6 for half of it!)
I guess that explain why I get to see many cute boxes lying around the tables!

Jjajjangmyeon with Cutlet

Not the best but decent enough for a meal.
(At least they’re using REAL noodle instead of instant noodle~)

새우 만두 (Fried Seafood Mandu)

This is DAM GOOD.
Look at my friend’s expression and you could tell. LOL!

The mandu itself contains shrimp & leek.
(Highly recommended because we all went back for 2nd round order as we were fighting for more!)

Jinjja Wings Set

Tough fight with 4fingers chicken I would say. Since the Northlanders have both a choice to choose between both, I guess the shortest queue would get my $$ (HAHA!)


It doesn’t looks appealing enough but it taste good!
Pretty well-done fusion style I guess but you have “be-warned” as one can get pretty “gelak” due to the mustard and mayonnaise!
It can be a good snack to munch on with 2-3pax while waiting for your food.

Just few days ago, I was back around the area for some meetings and I decided to head back for a 2nd try with my colleague after the lunch hours.


Looks pretty decent and definitely a huge portion for a big-eater!

We decided to try both version (Fried/Steam) Mandu

짬뽕(Jjampong) / Mandu (Steamed)

짬뽕 was decent and it’s lightly spicy.
I really got to say it’s worthy for a big-eater as the portion was really huge.

OH! Please get that kimchi along with your 짬뽕!!!
I promised it’s the best Kimchi I ever had for any fast-food chain. (Even better than some korean restaurant! pfffftt~)

Chicken Burger Set-meal (seaweed fries)

Colleague tried the Chicken Burger meal and he like it!
Looks like I had belittle the taste of this korean Fast-Food chain. 😛
I guess I will be back for their burgers and bingsu (if my tummy allows!)

Jinjja Chicken (Northpoint Outlet)
930 Yishun Avenue 2, #01-45. S(769098)

Website // Facebook Page // Instagram


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