Thank You. (:

It’s just a short random Thank You post to you readers!

The birth of this blog were meant to be a space where I could jot down my travel journey on a personal record; yet everything changes ever since the very first shared experience of my solo travel to Korea way back in 2011!
And…I still can’t believed that this little humble blog journey of mine has managed to bring so much information & joy for you people for the past 6years!😊

2010: The interest of Korea solo journey sparks up
2011: Started to post my little Journey & interesting findings within Korea
2012-2016: Officially appointed as Global Seoul Mate & Buzz Korea
2015: Korea-Singapore Supporter (2015)
2016- Current: Global Wow Korea Supporters

From Strangers ➡ Readers ➡ Friends !
Of course apart from enjoying the process of learning more about the country, I do enjoy meeting you guys where we had coffee meetup in exchanging our stories/experiences as well!

Always Thankful to have you readers supporting my little blog!

Thus this year, I had decided to do some Giveaways for this special 6th Anniversary!

(Pssss…. It’s for BOTH Singapore and International readers!)
Do stay tune to my posting on this coming Friday (15th December!) ~ 😉



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