Goodbye, Jonghyun

This song was on the loop of my playlist for a period of time when I’m struggling too.
Lyrics seems to be as simple as it is, yet it expressed so much of an inner-dark side feelings of a human soul.

“우는 얼굴로 나 힘들다 하면 (If I say that things are hard with a crying face)
정말 나아질까 (Will it really get better ?)
그럼 누가 힘들까 아프다 징징대면 (If I cry and say it hurts, who will have a harder time ?)
모두 다 괜찮아지는데 (Everyone will be fine)

“외로움과 괴로움 기억 하나 차인 건데 (Ooh)
(Loneliness and misery, the difference is only one memory (Ooh))
넌 왜 자꾸 다르게만 적으려 하는 건지
(But why do you keep trying to write it as something else?)

Depression is really something hard to get out once you are in.
Sometimes, its not about how much help you need, but rather how to convinced yourself and get the right treatment.


RIP Jonghyun.
You did well from the very start. (‘=
I really hope you will feel much happier now, and lonely no more.

Your warm laughters and your beautiful voice will be missed deeply.



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