Discover Seoul Pass with just a tap !

Travelling to Korea for the first time yet having some troubles planning your itinerary visiting the iconic attractions?
Here’s Discover Seoul Pass to your rescue!!!

(credit back to photolink)

Discover Seoul Pass is the latest tourist pass card done by Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Tourism Organization in addressing the needs of the FIT(Free Independent Tourists) travelling in Seoul!

At the price of 39,900₩ with a valid of 24 hours (time-clock starts the moment you activate the first attraction), you can pay a visit of total 21 attractions for FREE!
Here’s a list of the attractions for your reference:
(click photo to enlarge)

YES! If you managed your time well, you could actually pay a visit to at least 5 attractions~

(credit back to photolink)

Route Visit Plan:
1 Palace visit / MBC world OR SMTOWN@coexartium / N Seoul Tower / Seoul City Tour double-decker (DDP) / 2 museum visits

Judging on the time-travelling, it seems do-able!
Probably I should do a v-log showing you guys? 😏
Anyway, I felt that the pricing might be a little steep initially when it was launched. But as I was tried to plan the route and tally up the total fees for these attractions, it’s pretty worthy though.
(HELLO? The cost of the Seoul City Tour double-decker cost about 1/3 of the price! Learn to utilize it as part of your transportation fee yo!)

For those who are heading to Korea for the upcoming Winter Olympics, there’s a new Limited Edition card for you!
There are additional attractions and discounts where you could flash the card and use it in Seoul and Gangwon-do! (Click here to read more)

(credit back to photolink)

If you’re a fan of SMTOWN artists, you can get the design of the SM artist card version as well! (such as EXo, Red Velvet)
(pssssssssss… I heard there’s a Limited Edition coming up for TVXQ & EXO.. so fans!)😏

So what are you waiting for?
Get your hands on with Discover Seoul Pass card over at the official site and collect it over at Incheon International Airport or at the Official sellers within Seoul~

The Pass can also be served as a transportation card (T-money), where you can topped-up any amount and uses it for transportation(subway, bus, or taxi) or paying your items in the convenience store too!

Discover Seoul Pass
24 Hours Pass: 39,900 won
48 Hours Pass: 55,000 won
Website // Facebook Page



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