Great news for people travelling to Korea this Winter season!
(esp. those heading to Winter Olympic/Paralympic Olympic in Feb-Mar!)

SEINUSTAR, one of the winter wear rental company in Korea is extending the service for free!

Yes, F-R-E-E for you ! ! !
(ha! That’s me in buckaroo winter wear offered by Seinustar!)
Or you can read my personal experience with Seinustar over here!

Here’s the announcement on their Facebook Page as well~

On the official page, click on the banner ‘Apply For Free Service” !

It’s just so simple! Pali!
Get your free coat rental and save the space in your luggage for more shopping!๐Ÿ˜

Latest update on 30แต—สฐ Jan’2018:

Due to the overwhelming response from the public, Senuistar had amend some criteria on their noticeboard:

**Free Rental Service will be picked randomly and announced on their Notice-Board every Monday!

I guess the free service indeed crash their site due to such a huge response.
But hey! You can still try your luck on the reservation! Who knows! You might be able to rent it for F-R-E-E
Good Luck guys! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Website // Facebook Page



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