VoucherKorea: Your Korea Travel Discount Site!

Few weeks back, I was being introduced onto this new platform called ‘VoucherKorea’, which aim to offer wide selection of exclusive discount vouchers & promotions for foreigners who are travelling to Korea.

While browsing the site, I realized one could purchase attraction tickets (Lotte World, Everland etc..) at a much cheaper rate!

Upon arrival at Incheon Airport, You could collect/redeem your tickets over at their counter by just showing them your receipt.

As I had received alot of message regarding WHERE & HOW to purchase this Unlimited Data Sim Card which I was using it for my last trip: (read my experience here!) and I’m glad that VoucherKorea offers them on the site as well!

Korea Unlitmited LTE Data Sim

Price of SIM cards:
5 days– USD$21 // 10 days– USD$30 // 30 days– USD$54

Best of all, there are a few location for the sim-card reedamption too:
1. Incheon Airport Arrival Hall Door 10 (0600 ~ 2200)
2. Incheon Airport Arrival Hall Door 6 (2200 ~ 0600)
3. Gimpo Airport Arrival Hall Door 6 (0700 ~ 2300)
4. Busan Gimhae Airport Arrival Hall Door 3 (0600 ~ 2200)
5. Jeju Airport Arrival Hall Door 5 (0900 ~ 1900)
6. Link Korea Office (Hongik, Seoul) (0900 ~ 1800)

YEAH! This is a great news for those who are arriving at Gimpo Airport instead!
Right now they are doing a Sales! Click here to check out

Found some direction travel tips which were useful for the foreigners within the site as well.

My verdict:
While the site might look pretty new and simple, I quite like the fact that it’s easy to navigate around and you can get your information easily.
I had emailed the admin and guess what! They’re nice to work on a collaboration for a give-away for my readers!
*cough, it’s gonna be an international give-away! *

Stay tune to the blog on 1ˢᵗ Feburary~

Website // Facebook Page



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