Hi there!

My name is Elizabeth
(while most people remembered me as my SNS username – yyann).

Just a simple girl who adores Figure Skating, awesome Food and falling in love with the Korea Culture. This is the place where I could pen down memories and fun moments with readers who shared the same interest as me.

Apart from reaching out as many Korea-related events as I could, I hope you readers could find some informative pointers that could aid in your life as well!

Hope you have a fun time reading my blog! (#^o^#)

If you wish to engage me on any Events/Advertising/Sponsorship;
please mail me over at :

Email : yyann@hanmail.net

Facebook Page : Polkadotyyann FB Page
Instagram : yyann
Twitter :

I do pen some events write-up over at the following site as well from time to time”

Hope to see you guys comments soon!




8 thoughts on “About

  1. hi yyann. it’s nice dropping by your site and reading your journey in South Korea. I’m a kpop fan also ^.^ looking forward to your story 🙂


    1. yyann

      Hi Kellie,
      Thanks for spending time reading this humble little blog of mine.
      Yeah, Kpop has always been the 1st thing that attracts people to know Korea, and eventually venture into the culture etc.. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it.. ^^


  2. Tom Chen

    Annyeonghaseyo! ^^
    May I know how did you get sponsored for the trip to Korea?
    Did KTO contact you or did you approach KTO?
    Thank You. 🙂


    1. yyann

      Hi Tom,

      Thanks for the compliment. 🙂
      I got contacted by KTO on this issue thus I can’t help much on this.
      So sorry and Thanks! ^^



  3. Barbara

    Hi !
    I am a french tour guide in Jeju and i think that your article about Ichulbong is beautifull !
    Many thank’s for spreading the love of Jejudo !


    1. yyann

      Hi Barbara,

      Thank you so much for your kind comments.
      I hope I would be able to pay a visit to Jeju Island again soon, maybe we can have a meet up as well. ^^



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