My Self-Drive – Jeju & Seoul as Free Independent Traveller (FIT)


D1 – Seoul (Discover the Different Side of Seoul City)

D2.1 – A Visit to Changdeokgung Palace (창덕궁과 후원)
D2.2 – Samcheong-dong, The Place where Traditional and Modern Art meet
D2.3 – Hondae, The Street That Never Sleep

Self-Drive Jeju Trip

D1.1 – Our Self-Drive Journey in Jeju Island
D1.2 – Geumneung Seokmulwon (Stone Park) & Osulloc Tea Museum
D1.3 – Scenic views in Seogwipo + Abalone Shabu Shabu

D2.1 – Southern Part of Jeju Island
D2.2 – Journey to the East of Jeju Island

D3.1 – Seongsan Ilchulbong, An Unforgettable Experience
D3.2 – Udo Island, Perfect Day Trip for All Age
D3.3 – Discover the Inner Beauty of Jeju Island

D4.1 – Jeju Neulbom (늘봄 흑돼지), Jeju Black Pork BBQ


Seoul –
Fraser Place, Central Seoul

Jeju Island –
The Shilla
Spring & Autumn Resort (봄 그리고 가을 리조트)
Baume Couture Boutique Hotel

9 thoughts on “My Self-Drive – Jeju & Seoul as Free Independent Traveller (FIT)

  1. Little Brown Bag says:

    I enjoyed reading your posts. Thank you for the travel journal! It has helped me plan my trip to Jeju – I’m going there next week and convinced my parents that we should self-drive instead of take the private driver. But looks like a lot of hiking and walking, I have an infant with me … not sure how that’s going to play out!? Are the drives to each side of the island very long?


    • yyann says:


      Thanks for the read!
      I would recommend to have at least 2 drivers in a car instead of 1 as it can get pretty tiring for long rides.(and needs more concentration as well since you’re driving on the left instead).
      At the same time, yes, I have to admit that there are alot of hiking and walking involves in Jeju, thus infant prams might not be a good idea.

      Car rides were pretty long unless you’re driving from one area to another, so it might not be a worry for that.

      Hope it helps!
      Have a fun trip over in Jeju~ ^^



  2. Jean says:

    Happened to see your post while researching for Jeju island self drive trip. Just want to also know, is there alot of upslope and downslope or difficult terrains during your drive? Cos we are abit worried on the right side driving as this is our first time. Appreciate your advice.


    • polkadotyyann says:

      Hi Jean,

      Actually driving in Jeju is a little tricky. Apart from the upslope, most of the time I was driving along the narrow paths along the coastal for the views.
      Do go slow on the traffic so you won’t have much problems. 🙂




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