VoucherKorea: Your Korea Travel Discount Site!

Few weeks back, I was being introduced onto this new platform called ‘VoucherKorea’, which aim to offer wide selection of exclusive discount vouchers & promotions for foreigners who are travelling to Korea.

While browsing the site, I realized one could purchase attraction tickets (Lotte World, Everland etc..) at a much cheaper rate!

Upon arrival at Incheon Airport, You could collect/redeem your tickets over at their counter by just showing them your receipt.

As I had received alot of message regarding WHERE & HOW to purchase this Unlimited Data Sim Card which I was using it for my last trip: (read my experience here!) and I’m glad that VoucherKorea offers them on the site as well!

Korea Unlitmited LTE Data Sim

Price of SIM cards:
5 days– USD$21 // 10 days– USD$30 // 30 days– USD$54

Best of all, there are a few location for the sim-card reedamption too:
1. Incheon Airport Arrival Hall Door 10 (0600 ~ 2200)
2. Incheon Airport Arrival Hall Door 6 (2200 ~ 0600)
3. Gimpo Airport Arrival Hall Door 6 (0700 ~ 2300)
4. Busan Gimhae Airport Arrival Hall Door 3 (0600 ~ 2200)
5. Jeju Airport Arrival Hall Door 5 (0900 ~ 1900)
6. Link Korea Office (Hongik, Seoul) (0900 ~ 1800)

YEAH! This is a great news for those who are arriving at Gimpo Airport instead!
Right now they are doing a Sales! Click here to check out

Found some direction travel tips which were useful for the foreigners within the site as well.

My verdict:
While the site might look pretty new and simple, I quite like the fact that it’s easy to navigate around and you can get your information easily.
I had emailed the admin and guess what! They’re nice to work on a collaboration for a give-away for my readers!
*cough, it’s gonna be an international give-away! *

Stay tune to the blog on 1ˢᵗ Feburary~

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Great news for people travelling to Korea this Winter season!
(esp. those heading to Winter Olympic/Paralympic Olympic in Feb-Mar!)

SEINUSTAR, one of the winter wear rental company in Korea is extending the service for free!

Yes, F-R-E-E for you ! ! !
(ha! That’s me in buckaroo winter wear offered by Seinustar!)
Or you can read my personal experience with Seinustar over here!

Here’s the announcement on their Facebook Page as well~

On the official page, click on the banner ‘Apply For Free Service” !

It’s just so simple! Pali!
Get your free coat rental and save the space in your luggage for more shopping!😝

Latest update on 30ᵗʰ Jan’2018:

Due to the overwhelming response from the public, Senuistar had amend some criteria on their noticeboard:

**Free Rental Service will be picked randomly and announced on their Notice-Board every Monday!

I guess the free service indeed crash their site due to such a huge response.
But hey! You can still try your luck on the reservation! Who knows! You might be able to rent it for F-R-E-E
Good Luck guys! 😉

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Traveloka: The Ideal Holiday Price Planner Site

It was a random idea proposed by a good friend (whose currently based in KL) that we should either do a short getaway after CNY celebration or catching the view of Cherry Blossom in Seoul as she has extra work-leave to spare; where it leads me on doing some research and found this new travel platform, Traveloka.

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Authentic Korean Jjajangmyeon in Singapore – 태우반점 (Tae Woo Korean Restaurant)

Oh well, I guess Good Food & Service does make a business last long!
The visit to 태우반점 has never failed upon my expectation whenever I have cravings for korean jjajangmeyon~
(You can Click to read my old article review back in 2013)

Last decemeber, I had a quick catchup with a blogger friend near Clark Quay near dinner time.
As she commented that she had never tried authentic korean jjajangmyeon in Singapore before, 태우반점 immediately came up as one of the option instantly~

군만두(Fried Dumplings)

삼선짬뽕 & 짜장면
As usual, it’s always great to have this half-half option for the picky me.😛
(Warning: The servings here are pretty huge thus I would highly recommended to share!)

탕수육 (sweet and sour pork)

While browsing my instagram few days back, I saw this!!!!

Looks like it’s time for me to head back again 😁 😁

태우반점 (Tae Woo Korean Restaurant)
6 Eu Tong Sen Street #03-84, Central, Singapore 059817

Operating Hours: 11 am to 3pm (Lunch) // 5pm to 10pm (Dinner)
Contact no.: (+65) 6224 8284

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Discover Seoul Pass with just a tap !

Travelling to Korea for the first time yet having some troubles planning your itinerary visiting the iconic attractions?
Here’s Discover Seoul Pass to your rescue!!!

(credit back to photolink)

Discover Seoul Pass is the latest tourist pass card done by Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Tourism Organization in addressing the needs of the FIT(Free Independent Tourists) travelling in Seoul! Continue reading “Discover Seoul Pass with just a tap !”

신사소곱창 (SHIN-SA Korean Beef Intestines)

Korean BBQ has been a favourite meal for many ever since the hallyu-wave hit the globe. But hey!
How about trying 곱창(gop-chang), which is BBQ intestines?

곱창 Gop-chang, known as BBQ intestines is a common BBQ dish among the locals.

곱창(gop-chang) was introduced to me back in 2011 by a friend and I do believed it’s getting some fame among the foreigners nowadays as well. My verdict?
Once tried, there’s no turning back. xD
It’s like one of the dish I must have before I end my trip in Korea whenever I’m there.

신사소곱창 (SHIN SA Korean Beef Intestine is one of the popular chain)

Apparently there’s BEEF or PORK version of 곱창. I didn’t get a chance to try the BEEF version till my last few trip.
(Reason: Because my friend was amazed that I didn’t try the beef version? HA!) Continue reading “신사소곱창 (SHIN-SA Korean Beef Intestines)”