Innisfree is FINALLY in Singapore!

Yes! You’re right.
Innisfree has finally made its way to Singapore!
Btw, I had decided to make a trip down a week later after their opening and was surprised to find that the shop was still so crowded! =/

Located right beside the fountain of Takashimaya Basement 2, I was rather surprised to find out that their outlet is really huge! :O

Oh yeah! Most of the shelves were packed to the brim with the products.
Green Tea Series..
 Apple Juice Series
Green Barley Series
 Daily Sunscreen Care

❤❤❤ their sheet masks (even though I admit I’m a lazy person to use sheet masks!)

For 2013 Christmas Collection, Innisfree Singapore has brought in their Sweet Vanilla Perfumed Diffuser and Winter Berry Perfumed Candle for you girls! 😀
(PS: But I’m more interested in the Mini Tint Lipstick Best Collection & Eco Nail Color Collection Limited Edition! Saw Kang Yi(2012 BuzzKorea & KR Beauty Blogger) raving about it on her weibo and kakaotalk persuading me to buy..*geezz*

Make up
 (Saw the mini light-green compact? It’s Innisfree no sebum mineral powder!! ❤❤❤)
Their BB & CC Cream have pretty good coverage too! (tried out with the samples I got back in Korea though..I have yet to finish all my stock-up BB cream(s) to get new ones… =/)

Anyway, the outlet in Singapore did bring in a few ranges of the body and hair products too~
(Do try those red bottles “Camellia Shampoo”)

Oh yeah~ They have products for the men too~ 😛

random shot of a staff guiding the customer on her purchase

1st timer in using Innisfree product? Why not check out their Top 3 Best Seller instead.
Oh yeah. As mentioned, I wasn’t physically there during the opening but am thankful to my friend for helping to get these loots. 😛 (NOT all are mine though, partial…partial..ㅋㅋㅋ)

The special launching bag were given away with purchases more than $100 during the first 3days opening sales.

By the way, Innisfree Singapore is currently giving out a free box of Christmas Cotton Pads for any purchase over at their store!

Innisfree Singapore (click to go FB page)
Takashimaya S.C. #B2-34/35

Author’s Note:
I was skeptical at first because I’m sure the pricing being offered here would be rather pricey.
(OH WELL~ It’s very common and I believe most of you agree with me!)
But hey! I was wrong. Being a huge Innisfree fan for the past few years,I’m certainly sure that the prices offered here were rather reasonable though.

Take for example :
Eyebrow Kit/Apple Juice Cleaning Foam (10k won) – SGD retail @ $17
Green Tea Serum (26k won) – SGD retail @ $36(with additional 2 bottles of lotion!)

Hooray! No need to stock up too much of my items in the future..(unless there are sales on-going back in Korea.. :p)
But I do hope to see Jeju Special(s) in the future though… (Canola Honey!!! :D)

Maybe I shall do my Top 5 list of innisfree products after my exams~ ^^



2 thoughts on “Innisfree is FINALLY in Singapore!

  1. Latchimi

    Just went yesterday wif my mum. I agree 2 da fact dat I oso thot dat the prices will b so ex but actually very reasonable. My mum tried the testers as she was jus breezing thru da shop on her own n she liked da products. haha


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