[Contest] Winners! Yes, it’s NOT an April Fool Joke! =p

Nope! It’s not an April’s’ Fool joke.

I’m here to announce the lucky 2 winners for 오빠,Take me to Korea! :D

Hooray! Congrats to the both of them. ^^
Please kindly drop me an email @ polkadotyyann@gmail.com to collect your prizes.

I hope you guys are having fun today!(Not being prank like crazy I hope! :P)

Do stay tune! ^^


[Food Review] Golden Crab? Check out Todai Buffet!

The Golden Crab (known as Deep Sea Atlantic Golden Crab), is the latest (and exclusive) item that had been added by Todai in conjunction with the Chinese New Year season this year!
These Golden Crabs are generally huge in size(at least 2kg each in size) and would turned into Golden-Orange in colour when cooked.

We were lucky to get a chance to try the 3 different version of these Golden Crabs from the Chef.
 Raised up both your hands if you LOVE Chilli crabs like I do!!

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2014 Sochi Winter Olympic

Are you guys ready for the figure skating?

The Men programme ended yesterday while everyone’s awaiting for the Ladies single.
of course, Kim Yuna is still 1 of the highlight.

(Yuna Kim, Gold medalist in 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics)

Catch the Olympic over here though.

I shall be back! ^^


Ladies Guesthouse in Hongdae/Seoul

Being a lady, I believed there are quite a couple of concerns whenever we travel, which includes: – Safety – Cleanliness Guess what! I had never stayed in a guesthouse/dorm before even though I had been to Korea for 6 times? Thus during the last trip, I decided to give myself a trial in a Lady Guesthouse located over at Hongdae. ^^ (btw, I booked my stay from BnBHero!)

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