[Review] Korean Premium Grape Buffet @ Todai

I was delighted to be invited back to Todai few weeks back as they told me that they are going to bring back the King Crab and an additional new items for the month of October! :D
/cough/ Tell me who doesn’t love buffet huh!
Plus at the same time, they are having a MEGA promotion(s) this October as well.

I will explain futher down my entry, thus its time for some makan session!
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Top 5 places to view Fall Foliage in Korea

Hooray! I can’t believe Autumn season is already on its way flying towards Korea in less than a month’s time!
Have you wonder which are the few locations you should pay a visit to in order have some good view or photo-taking session with those maple leaves?

Let’s check out my Top 5 favourite location destinations thens~~ (^o^)

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Chuseok Celebration with Hansang

While the chinese celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival(aka MoonCake Festival), which is known as Chuseok Festival for the Koreans, which marks one of the major festivals for them!

Back in Korea, the entire family would commemorate this festival by gathering together and celebrate the occasion with prayers and tonnes of food. ^^

Meanwhile, much thanks to Hansang for extending the invitation to have a trial on their ‘Chuseok Menu’ few days ago, which I enjoyed a lot!

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A visit to Alive Museum in Singapore!

While the  hallyu wave gets is still pretty crazy in Singapore, there’s tonnes of Korea related events/stores arriving in Singapore!

If you guys had followed my facebook page, you would have noticed that I had been posting quite a few posts on the arrival of these popular 3D Arts Museum(s) in Singapore.

Much thanks to the invitations from OMY Club and Alive Museum, I had a great weekend fooling around in the Alive Museum which is located over in Suntec City. :P

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K-Shuttle 5D4N Experience

Finally I’m gonna start blogging on this 5D4N K-Shuttle Bus experience!!!
Feeling excited about it?

I will be releasing the entries one-by-one though. =P

Reason being:
I had decided to split up some areas/attractions into 1 entry instead of blogging the entire day journey.(looks messy if I do it that way though!)

teehee…so.. Are you Ready for it?

Meanwhile.. Do Check out K-Shuttle website for more information and updates on their tours as well!
K-Shuttle Bus Website
K-Shuttle Bus Facebook Page

The journey is about to begin~~~ xD


(PS:  At the same time, I had sorted out the tabs(above) on my blog.
You can view the entire K-Shuttle Journey entries over at  will be [Korea Trip Project] – my K-orea Journey 2014.)



Budget Flight to Jeju Island? Read to find out how to do so!

It’s summer season right now in Korea and many people(especially the Koreans) love to head over to Jeju Island for a short getaway!
(TBH, I miss Jeju island too~~)

Thus…I had decided to come up with this entry for you guys.. The  Budget flights to Jeju! :)

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Korean Dessert Cafe: Sulbing(설빙)


During my last trip to Korea, I just came to realise that I had only managed to pay a visit to only 2 팥빙수(patbingsu) cafe!! (But I ate more than 3times~~)

Reason being?

I got hooked onto the yummy 팥빙수설빙 that were served in Sulbing!

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치맥(Chimaek) in SG? Let’s try KORYO!

치맥(Chimaek) has been one of the most common yet popular dish among the Koreans, be it having it as a meal or supper. *drools*
But sometimes it does put me off a little due to the excessive calories which I would be indulging it into my tummy.(even though I love to say #eatfirstthensay but it still bothers me ok!)

Right now, there’s a much healthier choice of Chimaek available in Singapore!
KORYO – Korean Baked Chicken.
No doubt. ALL the chicken are oven-baked instead of deep-frying!! :O

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