[Self-Cook] Ramyeonbokki = Ramen + Tteokbokki

This is what happen when you gave me a kitchen. ㅋㅋㅋ

Bascially, I ❤ korean ramen like crazy.(who doesn’t duh!)
But yes! You don’t see people selling Ramyeonbokki back in Singapore wherelse it’s a common dish back in Korea.
Since I was craving badly for some carbo, I decided to use what I had (left) in my fridge to stuff my tummy.

– 1packet of ramen (just the noodle will do)
– 1cup of tteokbokki
– 1 hard-boiled egg
– Hotdog or sausage
– Oden (Korean Fish cake) optional
– 1 green onions (optional)
– 4 Tspoon of red pepper paste/ 1pkt of those instant Ttekbboki sauce(below)

– Soak your Tttokbokki in cold water for 5mins
– Cook your Ramen + hotdog/sausage/Oden together for about 3-7mins
– Drain off the water(leave about 1/4 in the pot) and remove your Ramen first!
– Add in your Red Pepper Saunce and tteokbokki and cook it for about 5mins
– Mix your ramen with the tteokbokki and serve it on the plate
– Cut your hardboil egg into half and garnish it with green onions

Just a short recipe from me though. 😛
I love to eat random food like this at home though.

Have fun cooking! ^^



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